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  • Access advanced analytics tools updated daily for deeper trading insights.
  • Gain experience for success on accounts up to the size of $250,000.


10 Reasons Traders Find OneUp Trader Irresistible

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A Simple Step to Big Wins

Effortlessly secure placement with funding partners through our one-step evaluation, unlocking a world of opportunities with realistic success targets.

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Unlimited Withdrawals from Day One

From day one, you can withdraw a minimum of $1k with no maximum limits once you reach the withdrawal threshold. With same-day processing, you’d also get swift access to your profits.

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Two-Strike Policy When Funded

We follow a two-strike policy for rule violations. You'll receive a warning before account liquidation if you mistakenly trade over the maximum contract size or hold through a new release that you weren’t supposed to.

No Fee
No Data Fees, No Hidden Fees

Save over $444 monthly with OneUp Trader. We provide a fee-free environment where you can enjoy the latest market data and industry news freely.

The Best Customer Support - 24/7

Contact our trustworthy round-the-clock support agents through phone, live chat, and email. Our approachable representatives will swiftly address all your inquiries!

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Tailored Account Choices

Choose from funded trading accounts, ranging from $25,000 to $250,000, to perfectly align with your trading goals.

Hassle-Free Fundings

Achieve goals effortlessly with our simplified and transparent funding process. No hidden complexities—just a straightforward path to success.

Simplified Trading

OneUp Trader simplifies the path to success, allowing you to focus on what you do best—trading. Now you can trade without complicated rules.

Actionable Analytics

Gain insights that matter with our daily-updated analytics and reporting tools, empowering you with actionable trading information.

Intelligent Trailing Drawdown

Our system protects your balance by limiting it from hitting or exceeding a specified amount. It dynamically adjusts the Trailing Drawdown as your balance increases, facilitating potential growth. Our innovative system stops trailing at the initial balance, allowing profit accumulation and strategic trading freedom. 

Experience a Revolutionary Approach to Trading With Our Swift 24/7 Support.


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Whether you're a seasoned professional or just beginning your trading journey, follow these essential guides to ascertain your path to trading excellence.


Trading Days

Engage in a minimum of 15 total trading days (consecutive or non-consecutive) for eligibility with our funding partners. This excludes holidays and weekends.


Profit Target

Strive to reach the specified profit target based on your chosen account. This target represents the minimum net profit required for placement with our funding partners.


Permitted Products

Trade with confidence in the following CME products, carefully selected to diversify your trading portfolio: 6A 6B 6C 6E 6N 6J 6S CL E7 EMD ES GC GE GF HE HG HO LE M2K MES MNQ MYM NG NKD NQ PA PL QI QG QM QO RB RTY SI UB YM ZB ZC ZF ZL ZM ZN ZS ZT ZW.


Permitted Times

Align your trading activities with the evaluation period, which starts at 5 PM CT and concludes at 3:15 PM CT the next day. Holidays and weekends are excluded.


Trailing Drawdown

Exercise caution to avoid your account balance hitting or exceeding the defined Trailing Drawdown, which adjusts dynamically with your account balance.


Maximize Your Impact

Adhere to your account's max position size, safeguarding your portfolio by covering all open positions. This practice is critical for sustained success.



A non-negotiable is to show consistent patterns. Ensure that net profits from any three days sum up to 80% of your largest day's net profit. 


Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting your funded trading journey, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide clarity and guidance

What is a funded trader program?

This is when a trader receives funding from an institution or proprietary trading firm to trade risk-free. In OneUp Trader's case, this funding is in the form of a funded trading account provided to the trader by their funding partner. Funded trader programs allow traders to profit from trading futures markets without risking their own capital. OneUp Trader offers an incentive for traders where they receive 100% of their withdrawals up to $10,000. Thereafter, they receive 90% of subsequent profits. Being funded removes a lot of the headaches, stresses, and worries that come with trading personal capital. This allows traders to test strategies, systems, and gives them the best possible chance of success in the markets.

Are funded trader programs profitable?

In short, yes. Funded trader programs can be profitable for traders that have a trading plan, a strategy they trust, and risk management system. Funded trading only helps traders by making funding more accessible. They will still need to perform and follow their plan in order to be profitable. In futures markets, traders need substantial capital to get started, which is where funding can help. Traders can spend as little as $125 for a 25K Evaluation, which is usually less than what they risk on a single trade on a personal account.

How do I become a funded trader?

To become funded at OneUp Trader, you need to complete an Evaluation where you will demonstrate your trading skills by following simple rules and trading for a minimum of 15 days or 5 days for our Express accounts. Our support team will be available 24/7 in case you have any questions or need help getting connected. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of trading platforms. Once you have hit the profit target and traded for a minimum of 15 days, you can submit your account for review, which takes no longer than 3 days. Shortly after, you will receive your funded trading account from our funding partners.

What are the rules for funded traders?

The rules for funded traders at OneUp Trader focus on maintaining certain trading standards and practices. These are the rules: Adherence to the daily loss limit. Compliance with the maximum trailing drawdown limit. Observing maximum position size and contract limits. These rules are set to manage risk and ensure responsible trading.

How do I get a funded account?

To get funded at OneUp Trader, you must demonstrate your trading skills and risk management abilities through an evaluation process. This process involves trading in a simulated environment while adhering to simple rules and targets set by OneUp Trader. Upon completing the evaluation by hitting the profit target and following the trading rules, you can reach out to the support team for your account to be submitted for review. This process usually takes no longer than 3 days. Once your account has been approved for funding, you will receive a contract from the funding partners and your credentials for the funded trading account. Note that you will receive funding as long as you hit the profit target, trade a minimum of 15 days or 5 days (for Express Accounts), and don’t hit the max trailing drawdown limit.

Are funded trading accounts good?

Trading funded accounts at OneUp Trader give traders the opportunity to trade risk-free without having to risk their own capital. They can be a great way to trade the markets if the trader has a trusted system to follow.

The main benefit of trading funded accounts is that traders can make profits with zero risk to them. This removes the psychological stresses associated with trading personal capital. Traders still need to have good trading principles like risk management and a trading plan. They also need to follow the rules of the evaluation program. If they do this, they are guaranteed funding.

Can you make money as a funded trader?

Yes, you can make money as a funded trader. When you trade with a funded account, you're using the funding partners' capital to trade in the futures market. If successful, you get to keep 100% of the first $10,000 you withdrew and 90% thereafter. This setup allows traders to earn substantial returns without the risk of losing their own money.

Are funded trader programs worth it?

Yes, funded trader/trading programs are considered worthwhile as it allows traders to engage in real market conditions without risking their capital. This arrangement is beneficial for testing trading systems, strategies, and plans in a realistic environment. Having something at stake, such as the prospect of securing funding, adds a practical element to the trading experience, making it more akin to actual market trading. This approach can be particularly valuable for those looking to hone their skills or validate their trading strategies.

Are funded trader programs legit?

Yes, our funded trader/trading programs is a legitimate approach of funding traders to trade the futures market. OneUp Trader offers a straightforward, one-step process for securing funding. Aspiring traders need to trade for a minimum of 15 days (5 days for Express accounts) and achieve the specified profit target. Meeting these criteria assures eligibility for a funded trading account. This method provides a viable way for traders to access larger capital for trading without the need to invest their own funds, thereby reducing their financial risk while enabling them to capitalize on market opportunities.

Does getting funded mean being paid?

No, getting funded does not imply being paid. In a funded account, you have to prove your ability as a trader by following rules laid out by the funding company. If you successfully complete the evaluation, you will receive a fully funded account with no risk to you the trader, whatsoever. You will get paid only when you have successfully made profits in your funded account and requested for a profit withdrawal.

Do I have to pay any activation fee once funded?

No, at OneUp Trader, there is no activation fee once funded, unlike other companies that require you to keep paying for an activation or maintenance fees after completing your evaluation. Once funded, we cancel your subscription fee and you are no longer billed. Additionally, our funding partners cover the cost of data fees once you get funded, which means you are free to focus on what really matters - trading!

What instruments do you trade with a funded account?

With a funded trading account from OneUp Trader, you can finally trade popular futures contracts on currencies, commodities, stock indices and more, without risking a dime of your own capital. Specifically, you gain access to over 40 top instruments like the E-mini S&P 500, Crude Oil, Gold, Euro FX, and NASDAQ 100 - some of the most widely followed markets. OneUp Trader's funded accounts range from $25,000 to $250,000 in buying power. So whether you're a beginner or a seasoned trader seeking to boost your capital, this program allows you to trade the futures markets and extract profit from it. While you must adhere to the rules and guidelines, this gives you invaluable experience and the chance to prove yourself as a trader while protecting your capital.

How many funded accounts can I have?

At OneUp Trader, traders are permitted to hold up to three funded accounts simultaneously. This rule allows for diversification of strategies and risk management across different accounts. However, for those using the Express Account option, the limit is set to one funded account at a time. This policy is part of our commitment to responsible trading and risk management, ensuring that traders do not overextend themselves across multiple accounts. The rules governing the number of funded accounts are designed to maintain a balance between offering flexibility to traders and upholding the integrity of the trading platform.

Which trading platforms can I use with a funded account?

At OneUp Trader, you can choose from over 20 top trading platforms for both the evaluation and funded accounts. This selection allows you to find a platform that best suits your trading style and preferences. Among these platforms, NinjaTrader is offered for free, both during the evaluation and when you get funded. Ninjatrader is the preferred trading platform among our traders becuase of its easy-to-use interface. This variety of choices is part of our commitment to providing flexibility and options to traders.

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