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Only 1 Step Evaluation With Nothing Else In between

Prove That You Can Be A Successful Trader, and We Place You With Our Funding Partners

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Become A Funded Futures Trader Today

We are your first step towards independence. We evaluate potential traders like you on their trading talent, and then provide you with full funding.

  • Variety of Account Sizes Ranging from $25,000 to $250,000
  • Only 1 Evaluation Step to Trading A Funded Futures Account
  • Vast Funding Network and Funding Sources
  • Over 20 Trading Execution Platforms To Choose From
  • Private Community Access to Post, Comment, Share, Chat, and Analyze
  • Visual Advanced Analytics and Trading Statistics with Daily Updates

Only 1 Step Evaluation


Get Evaluated

Enter the Trading Evaluation program. It’s a real-time trading evaluation program designed to showcase your abilities. You can trade, track, measure, and share your progress to make sure you’re on the right track for funding. When you win, we all win. Are you up to the challenge?


Get Funded

After successfully passing our evaluation, you will be placed with our funding partners and can begin trading in real-time. Trade from anywhere at anytime. We give you the tools to be entirely independent. Keep up to $10,000 of your first profits, and up to 90% thereafter – with absolutely zero risk.

Funding Program Features

Why Traders Choose Us


Your account, your choice. Choose from a variety of trading accounts ranging from $25,000 to $250,000


Fair, attainable, and simplified funding goals. No fine print, no hidden fees, no middle man or grey areas


Advanced reporting, data-based analytics, and performance analysis tools with actionable results for maximum performance


Integrated Community of Traders where you can discuss, collaborate, and share ideas that matter. Utilize their wisdom to be successful


You can trade from anywhere in the world! You can trade wherever you want, whenever you want


We are fully committed to full transparency in our entire process. We are your one-stop solution

How It Works

We Keep It Simple

1. Select Your Account Size

Your Account, Your Choice.

Choose From A Variety Of Trading Account Sizes Ranging From $25,000 To $250,000 With A 50% Or 90% Profit Split Options

Why We’re The Trader’s Choice

One Step

Only 1 evaluation step to trading a funded futures account.

Funding Network

Vast funding partner network and funding sources.

Zero Fees

Zero monthly data fees for funded traders.

Flexible Schedule

Unrestricted trading schedule for funded traders.

2. Follow The Guidelines

Prove You Can Manage An Account

Simply Follow The Required Guidelines Of The Evaluation.

3. Select Your Trading Platform

Preferred Trading Platform - Free During Evaluation

You can use Over 20 Trade Execution Platforms

Evaluation Includes FREE Platform License By

Evaluation Includes FREE Market Data By

4. Join The Community

Share, Chat, And Analyze

Communicate, Share, And Discuss Ideas With Like-Minded Traders To Accomplish The Same Goals

Social Dashboard & Discord Server

  • Post, Share, and Follow fellow traders within the community
  • Multiple Trading Channels
  • Live Community Chat
  • Account Analytics

Industry News

  • Streaming Quotes and News
  • Economic Calendars
  • Market Movers and Shakers
  • Live Streaming

Advanced Analytics

  • Advanced Trading Statistics
  • Daily Updates with Detailed Trade Analysis
  • Visual In Depth Statistics
  • Target Goal Metrics
5. Trader Funding

Follow The Guidelines, Hit Your Target, Get Funded By Our Partners.


Hit your target, follow the rules, and you will be placed with our funding partners with the SAME account size as your evaluation.


Fast-Track your success with a quick start bonus. Funded traders keep 100% of their first $10,000 of profits for the 90% split option or 100% of their first $5,000 of profits for the 50% split option.

90-50 funded trader split


Receive a generous profit split between the trader and the funding partner, ranging between 50% or 90% going to the trader based on your account choice during your evaluation.


Gain access to a “Private” community of funded traders where you can post, chat, discuss, share and collaborate ideas to maximize the longevity of your trading career.

We’re Here To Help

Contact Us

We’re friendly and available to chat. Reach out to us anytime 24/7 and we’ll happily answer your questions.


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